siva89 (siva89) wrote in tired_of_ohio,

Ohio can go suck it...

Hey I'm new to the comm. But I was born in Toledo, and the first chance I got to leave Ohio, I took it. I lived in Las Vegas, and then Chicago. However, when I was 24, I decided to go back to school and realized that it was going to take me a thousand years to finish my BA unless I just sucked it up, and went back home to Ohio. It was the huge sacrifice that I had to make, even though I really really love living in Chicago. I stay there as much as possible and even spend my summers working there since there's nothing to do in Toledo nor are there any decent jobs here. I am bored and going out of my mind for the rest of the year. I sometimes wonder what my grandparents were thinking moving the family to Ohio.

Anywho, I guess the most frustrating part of being here is all the small-minded people I encounter. In Chicago, I feel so free. Good thing this comm is here. Finally, some people who understand my pain!
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